Balay Indang: On team building, finding oneself, and true recreation

Balay Indang (the Red Ginger Farm and Garden) is located at 88 Mahabang Kahoy, Indang, Cavite, Philippines.  “Balay” means house and perhaps this is an apt name for this charming bed and breakfast at this part of Southern Luzon.  Balay Indang is a bit popular for those who have been there or experienced a company sponsored R&R at the place.  However, it is not yet too “commercialized” which lends to its rustic charm.

Balay Indang is just an hour drive from Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. You will pass by the scenic Tagaytay road before reaching the main road  to Indang, Cavite where Balay Indang is located.


Going to Balay is really effortless because traffic is light and easy. The only catch though is that they have a small signboard and if you are going too fast then you might just miss the place.

Team Building at Balay

Last 31 March, we decided to hold our department team building at Balay Indang.  The place was a run away choice for two reasons:

  1.  It is relatively affordable at 700 pesos per person (around 16 USD) which includes a sumptuous lunch and use of the pool.
  2. It is a wonderful place that invites one to simply “re-charge” and “re-connect.”


Upon arriving at Balay Indang, one cannot help but immediately feel relaxed. Take note though that it is not a resort. Imagine instead that you are at a friend’s retirement farm.


There is no wifi at the place. Instead, guests are encouraged to talk to each other, find time for personal reflection and take leisurely walks or just rest. For those who are highly strung and burned out, Balay Indang will be a good place to start the “recovery period.”


Balay Indang has a large pavilion near the pool wherein a group can have some team building activities


Make sure to utilize the pool area in your team building exercises so you can have a quick low-impact exercise too.


Balay Indang serves fresh “home-cooked” meals. Yup, the kind that makes you think of your mom. Fresh dalandan juice, salad greens with sublime savory honey mustard dressing, tuna wasabi, oven roasted chicken…the list goes on. Free refills for those with hearty appetites!


Finding Oneself and True  Recreation

After feeding the body, there are opportunities to feed the soul. They have a “sanctuary” where one can spend some quiet time, reflect, and just get away from the hustle and bustle of things.


They also have a barefoot walk which is basically a foot path littered with stones of various sizes, shapes, and textures.  An interesting experience for those tired feet.

barefoot walk

If you feel like having some “me time” then the vast property will be more than enough for a person to walk till he reaches enlightenment…or something like it.



Perhaps you want to just spend the afternoon under the shade of a tree.  And maybe, just maybe you will fall into sweet slumber.

tree shade

Some folks do get hungry after an afternoon nap.  So when you hear the bell, then that means you are more than welcome to partake of the food at the Balay.


If you ever need to “sharpen the saw” then perhaps you can consider Balay Indang.  Truly, it can be your home away from home.



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